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tell me just how dangerous is second best? you said ill always be second best...

ohhhh im so freaking "metal" apparently.

EmWearsTshirts: he said he thinks you're pretty and hes going to sleep with you and then put a ring on your finger
EmWearsTshirts: and he was mad because I wouldn't give you his number
withxfireflyeyes: oh yeah like thatll happen
EmWearsTshirts: I told him that you wouldn't sleep with him
EmWearsTshirts: but apparently your a really pretty metal chick
EmWearsTshirts: metal because you used to have an eyebrow ring
withxfireflyeeyes: im about as metal as a plastic spoon
EmWearsTshirts: hahahahhahaha
withxfireflyeyes: you should have just told him ive never um had sex?
EmWearsTshirts: he said he wouldn't ever sleep with a virgin
EmwearsTshirts: hence the im going to sleep with her and then put a ring on her finger...she will be mine
withxfireflyeyes: whaaaaaat yeah never...ever.

im keeping this as a constant reminder of how sketchy 70% of boys can be and also...about how once i was called metal...which is honestly...the funniest part of all.

i ummm was really sick...and then i slept.
then i woke up and for some reason decided to do my hair and put on nice clothes and i dunno...try to look pretty i guess. for some reason. i guess.
but...i going to go to bed. i guess.
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