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Im not so sure what i was dreaming...

there are a few songs i could listen to for the rest of my life and never get sick of, mostly becuase they have pretty guitar parts and lyrics and such
im going to teach myself how to play the geetar so i can listen to these songs whenever i want...
the background by third eye blind
23 by jimmy eat world
and the madrigals by howie day...
oh. how. pretty. music. can. be.

oh...and i need to learn i wanna sex you up, by color me bad...
now THAT would be impressive.

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23 by jimmy eat world

LOVE that song :)


October 6 2006, 02:07:40 UTC 11 years ago

you obviously forgot stellar. the song of which i taught myself, just incase i ever meet you!


October 6 2006, 02:09:11 UTC 11 years ago

eep! comment above was from emoben. i got logged out. HOW RUDE!