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Dont you think i wish that i could stay, your lips give you away...

its 3:14 and im still awake. why isnt a hard to not really sleepy and...stuff. whats hard is going to be waking up in the morning for class...i dont want to and then i dont want to go to finance. i hate finance.

i have this bad feeling in my stomach. not cause im sick or anything. just cause.
i dunno?

i want to play mortal kombat. i want to take a walk. i want to go lie in the field and look at stars while its still nice outside and warm enough too. thats what i want to do. really badly. maybe ill do that tomorrow night if the ground isnt all squishey and its not cloudy. then after that maybe ill watch some cartoons.

my mom has to have surgery on her stomach...shes not doing so well...she also has to get like all these bones taken out of her toes cause she cant walk so good. 

i went home today to get some, well...a lot of laundry done...who are we kidding, i washed like, all my clothes.
i hung out with antonia.
did some other stuff...including play mortal kombat and owned at it.
i bumped into one of my friends from work when i wasnt paying attention, literally ran into him and i felt kind of bad. he said , "well my ,lauren you look stunning...the fall is treating you well."
that was nice. it made me smile...i like it when people say sweet things every so now and then, but too much is nonsense, besides everyone needs to get made fun of a little bit.  
i dont know if fall is treating me well...since its still summer?...i hope fall treats me well.

life is funny...ill tell you why.
becuase your school messes up your housing and then you get a jesus freak roommate that you have long in depth conversations about god or the lack there of with...and she kind of tells you god sent you to live with her...and thne you start having weird dreams that campus crusade is comming to get you because you dont love jesus enough.
life is also funny because usually bad feelings are dead on.

...hopefully not my roommates bad feelings because shes dreaming her way into my early grave. jebus tells her im a goner? i hope not, but if so ask me in the next few days what you want of mine and if i have anything important to tell you...haha
i dont want to have to write down a list thats like...
(insert name here) im leaving you my car and i always meant to tell smell a little funny, but i like you anways, youre cool enough to sit at my lunch table.

my roommate is listening to rap music...thats what shes falling asleep to. its obnoxious.
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