in minus the en (ihavblueeyes) wrote, in minus the en

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But...its a fight to the death!

i want some sour patch kids.
i want to watch a scarey movie, but then i wont be able to go to sleep...or ill just get nightmares.
ill watch cartoons.
i want to not ache every possible ache everywhere.
i want more time to do everything in.
i want the next meteor shower to happen like now, but it happens december 14th or 15th i think. i hope ill be able to see it the last one it rained and it was cloudy and you couldnt see anything.
i want to not be scared of stuff like my roommate eating her chicken foot soup and theres a large chicken foot hanging out of her mouth. and like...everything else i guess, but chicken feet, they are scarey and gross.
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