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And could it be, that im just another pebble on the beach...

its 4 in the morning and i cant sleep.
probably because i have the worst stomach ache in the world ever in life ever...and it started about an hour or so ago and hasnt gone away yet. 

my roommate snores, but like its not a regular snore. its worse than my dad snores.
like...keep me up at night snores.

its ok im already up with a tummy ache curled into a little ball typing with one hand.

i have nothing to say.
or maybe i do and its jsut not getting past my lips...or fingertips rather. 
im too tired for this to make any sense right now, im also typing one handed because im lying in a ball and i ouch real bad. i already said that huh.

i repeat myself when i have a lot on my mind. 2/3 of a lot has to do with classes are boring, which is going to make them seem harder. 

booerns. boo to the freaking erns. freaking eep.
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