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But when its quiet you dont hear me..

i know that i said i was going to write something important...i mean i havent in a long time. its all just random nonsense...and this isnt going to be that much different tonight i guess
becuase im tired
and because i tired right now.
im blah right now.
im lauren neuman right now.
im also blonde, a girl, and i do a lot of situps.
i smell good right now.
im kind of...really embarassed right now.........

moving along
i just talked to vicki and noelle about sex for like, an hour. why? because i probably heard the loudest sex ever right above vickis room...its funny to hear my friends that are boys talk about sex and then to hear girls talk about sex, because the discussions are always very different.
sigh. vicki and noelle think boys like brunettes better. 

the way to hit on a girl is not to say "hey baby" or "hey blondie where are you going what are you doing tonight" its always boys in the elevator...maybe ill take the stairs.
my back itches in a place where normal people probably couldnt scratch.
but lauren neuman is super bendy....there was never a back itch i couldnt scratch.

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