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I lovelovelove Tristan Prettyman. [18 Jan 2007|04:50pm]
[ mood | its snowing. ]

Dear livejournal,
I've been neglecting you.
My deepest apologies,
Lauren Neuman

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I'm not a baby, I am a man. I am an anchorman [29 Dec 2006|04:50am]
[ mood | sad ]

i cant sleep, i just dont like sleep anymore
my heart hurts.
my throat hurts too.

ill write something for serious soon...when i can like...think to myself there are always atleast 4 people around me at any given point in time.

when people ask me what i did on my winter vacation...
im gonna say...
missed someone...so much. sigh.

and then watched anchorman?...yes anchorman.

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ive got my pajamas on, gonna run around and stand on my head before i go to bed, me & my teddy bear [23 Dec 2006|04:10am]
[ mood | scared ]

i just realized...i know the best gift anyone has ever given me...its on my wall and i forget about it because its so overlooked. james taylors brother wrote it for me when i was little, dont ask me how my parents know him, i have no idea...the point is. i was 3 and for christmas i got a lullaby called pajamas...the sheet music is framed and its in my room and my mom used to sing it for me when i was a wee one and when i was a little kid because i would have night terrors.

i like lullabies.

i cant sleep and i dont like my bed.
or...something like that.

maybe ill just stay up all night, get up at 5 get a starbucks and go christmas shopping. maybe.

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But...its a fight to the death! [05 Dec 2006|02:49am]
[ mood | sigh. scaredish ]

i want some sour patch kids.
i want to watch a scarey movie, but then i wont be able to go to sleep...or ill just get nightmares.
ill watch cartoons.
i want to not ache every possible ache everywhere.
i want more time to do everything in.
i want the next meteor shower to happen like now, but it happens december 14th or 15th i think. i hope ill be able to see it the last one it rained and it was cloudy and you couldnt see anything.
i want to not be scared of stuff like my roommate eating her chicken foot soup and theres a large chicken foot hanging out of her mouth. and like...everything else i guess, but chicken feet, they are scarey and gross.

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And so it seems, only in dreams... [28 Nov 2006|11:28am]
[ mood | boredish/blah/discouragedish ]

i never have time to write in this anymore, but i swear ill do it soon.

someone needs to write a new or play an already existing lullaby for me...ive been having super problems sleeping and nightmares. i only got like...2 hours of sleep last night. booerns. ill ask santa for a lullaby for christmas, but like one that doesnt involve things like sheep or whatever...i want one that rocks a little harder than that. sheep are lame and smelly.

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So you said I shouldnt believe in sure things, theres hardly ever a smile in what the truth brings.. [06 Nov 2006|05:20am]
[ mood | blah ]

i need to print out my finance homework.
i need to get up in class in 5 hours.
i need to not think so much about everything ever.
i need to not be all gingery right now... 
i need to change me screen name because the crazies testing me and ive had it up to here...here being 5'6"
i bet if you took a bite out of me ide taste like ginger bread or maybe a gingersnap...i think i like gingersnap more, its more bad ass...you cant say im going to ginger bread your ass...but you can say im gonna gingersnap your ass...and not sound like too much like a fool.
yeahhh, im a super all kinds of foolish anyways.

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oh hamburgers. [02 Nov 2006|03:41am]
[ mood | sleey/discouragedish/bored ]

the skittles commerical where the guy trades the skittles for the little singing bunny and then the bunny bites him in the arm and runs away and hes left in the rain...with nothing.

...that commerical really humors me.

i should probably go to sleep huh.
its too late to be thinking. which means i wont write anything really for serious. not that anyone reads this and is interested in a skittles commerical.

i have a little bit of an ache i guess.
i also have 9:30 class tomorrow so vikinging is in order.
i swear i have things to say, probably more interesting than this...but i cant right now because its late and words in my head are just all mixing together like a bowl of alphabet soup. ill just start to write earlier next time.


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Oh it said the leaves fall and your always leaving... [30 Oct 2006|03:15am]
[ mood | sigh. blah. my hand is asleep. ]

or any which way you spell it.

i um...im going to go to sleep i guess im pretty tired. i should probably write in this tomorrow because i never do.

i had a nightmare and when i woke up my roommate was gone. weird.

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I could be tristan prettyman and play lots o' melancholy songs if i knew how to play the geetar [22 Oct 2006|03:20pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

its funny cause its true.
i like dancing.
i like nekid.
i guess the combination makes sense.

<td align="center"> lauren --

A dance involving little to no clothing

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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I cant really pick...so just the whole lyrics of Rescued just about. im lazy right now i guess. [17 Oct 2006|06:22am]
[ mood | discouragedish/sleepy ]

i probably got 106 on my botany test.
i probably got an A of some sort on my finance test.
i dyed my hair a really pretty color and i curled it and pinned it up.
i wanted to look nice i guess...and i dunno. nevermind really. its stupid.

completly unrelated richard asked me to go out on a for serious date with him, which is bizzare because...its richard...but i havent seen him in forever and i just want to hang out with him because hes like..my buddy and my pal and like my little brother...and anything else is just incest.

wierd people, that i dont know keep iming me....i wonder how they get my screen name. oh well...maybe ill just change it if it still annoys me in a few days. or maybe ill just be like, listen im a nasty old man, im not even a chick you are talking to. blah. im just going to change my screen name. no matter how many times i block people they can just make 90423840293 more screen names.

im sore from pilates.
and situps.
and running.
the only problem is i cant really get out of bed in the morning without looking like a robot...and the pants i just bought are getting too big for me now. whatever.

i was sleeping a little while ago, i guess im about to go back there again cuase im getting tired i was up allllllll last night studying.
but i woke up to my roommate on the phone, telling someone myspace was an instrument of the devil and that the devil runs myspace. i was under the impression it was a fellow named tom.

but then again...im probably wrong about a lot of things.
but...im probably right about a lot of things. im thinking...atleast right at the moment.

ide say the ratio is 75:25. right to wrong.
and consequently im always right about random things and things im always right about are things that i wish i was wrong about.
a good example would be im pretty sure new episodes of aqua teen start in a month or so, but i wish i was wrong and they started sooner.
hm. im sure i can think of a better example...that one really sucked, but its late so...i make no apologies.

i can hear the fire alarm from the town houses. i thought it was our fire alarm. thank god its not...i dont think i really feel like seeing anyone right now.
and you know...its freezing.

i want a catapolt. (sp?). i just like seeing funny things fly in the air. like watermelons...and small animals...and text books.
cartoons make me smile...and usually music, but not this music really, but cartoons. definatly.

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tell me just how dangerous is second best? you said ill always be second best... [12 Oct 2006|03:31am]
[ mood | i dont know...siggity sigh. ]

ohhhh im so freaking "metal" apparently.

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Im not so sure what i was dreaming... [04 Oct 2006|04:46am]
[ mood | anxious ]

there are a few songs i could listen to for the rest of my life and never get sick of, mostly becuase they have pretty guitar parts and lyrics and such
im going to teach myself how to play the geetar so i can listen to these songs whenever i want...
the background by third eye blind
23 by jimmy eat world
and the madrigals by howie day...
oh. how. pretty. music. can. be.

oh...and i need to learn i wanna sex you up, by color me bad...
now THAT would be impressive.

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skeet skeet skeet SKEET [29 Sep 2006|03:28am]
[ mood | sigh. i dunno? ]

nightmares. cant sleep. stole this from natalie. its probably good im 80 percent sure noone reads this, maybe thats why i answer all these questions honestly....some of them are kind of blunt...but whatever i cant sleep...and im bored and watching pee wees play house is just going to make things worse. pee wees playhouse is like a visual acid trip.

i think i just need some music to fall asleep to....i think i just need someone to play me some music until i fall asleep...thats what my parents used to do for me when i was little and had nightmares. i had like, night terrors when i was little. it was pretty bad.

today secret word is....phloem...its a plant thing. im taking the scientific study of plants and flowers and trees and like...grass.


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Dont you think i wish that i could stay, your lips give you away... [25 Sep 2006|03:14am]
[ mood | sighs and blahs and blahs. ]

its 3:14 and im still awake. why isnt a hard to answer...im not really sleepy and...stuff. whats hard is going to be waking up in the morning for class...i dont want to and then i dont want to go to finance. i hate finance.

i have this bad feeling in my stomach. not cause im sick or anything. just cause.
i dunno?

i want to play mortal kombat. i want to take a walk. i want to go lie in the field and look at stars while its still nice outside and warm enough too. thats what i want to do. really badly. maybe ill do that tomorrow night if the ground isnt all squishey and its not cloudy. then after that maybe ill watch some cartoons.

my mom has to have surgery on her stomach...shes not doing so well...she also has to get like all these bones taken out of her toes cause she cant walk so good. 

i went home today to get some, well...a lot of laundry done...who are we kidding, i washed like, all my clothes.
i hung out with antonia.
did some other stuff...including play mortal kombat and owned at it.
i bumped into one of my friends from work when i wasnt paying attention, literally ran into him and i felt kind of bad. he said , "well my ,lauren you look stunning...the fall is treating you well."
that was nice. it made me smile...i like it when people say sweet things every so now and then, but too much is nonsense, besides everyone needs to get made fun of a little bit.  
i dont know if fall is treating me well...since its still summer?...i hope fall treats me well.

life is funny...ill tell you why.
becuase your school messes up your housing and then you get a jesus freak roommate that you have long in depth conversations about god or the lack there of with...and she kind of tells you god sent you to live with her...and thne you start having weird dreams that campus crusade is comming to get you because you dont love jesus enough.
life is also funny because usually bad feelings are dead on.

...hopefully not my roommates bad feelings because shes dreaming her way into my early grave. jebus tells her im a goner? i hope not, but if so ask me in the next few days what you want of mine and if i have anything important to tell you...haha
i dont want to have to write down a list thats like...
(insert name here) im leaving you my car and i always meant to tell you...you smell a little funny, but i like you anways, youre cool enough to sit at my lunch table.

my roommate is listening to rap music...thats what shes falling asleep to. its obnoxious.

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Nightmurrrrrrs [22 Sep 2006|05:31am]
[ mood | scared ]

i just had probably the worst nightmare ive had in a long time and now i cant sleep...

so im going to do this until i can since i stole it from natalie...

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And could it be, that im just another pebble on the beach... [18 Sep 2006|04:22am]
[ mood | discouraged? or maybe tired? ]

its 4 in the morning and i cant sleep.
probably because i have the worst stomach ache in the world ever in life ever...and it started about an hour or so ago and hasnt gone away yet. 

my roommate snores, but like its not a regular snore. its worse than my dad snores.
like...keep me up at night snores.

its ok im already up with a tummy ache curled into a little ball typing with one hand.

i have nothing to say.
or maybe i do and its jsut not getting past my lips...or fingertips rather. 
im too tired for this to make any sense right now, im also typing one handed because im lying in a ball and i ouch real bad. i already said that huh.

i repeat myself when i have a lot on my mind. 2/3 of a lot has to do with school...my classes are boring, which is going to make them seem harder. 

booerns. boo to the freaking erns.

sleep...sl freaking eep.

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But when its quiet you dont hear me.. [15 Sep 2006|02:59am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

i know that i said i was going to write something important...i mean i havent in a long time. its all just random nonsense...and this isnt going to be that much different tonight i guess
becuase im tired
and because i dunno...im tired right now.
im blah right now.
im lauren neuman right now.
im also blonde, a girl, and i do a lot of situps.
i smell good right now.
im kind of...really embarassed right now.........

moving along
i just talked to vicki and noelle about sex for like, an hour. why? because i probably heard the loudest sex ever right above vickis room...its funny to hear my friends that are boys talk about sex and then to hear girls talk about sex, because the discussions are always very different.
sigh. vicki and noelle think boys like brunettes better. 

the way to hit on a girl is not to say "hey baby" or "hey blondie where are you going what are you doing tonight" its always boys in the elevator...maybe ill take the stairs.
my back itches in a place where normal people probably couldnt scratch.
but lauren neuman is super bendy....there was never a back itch i couldnt scratch.

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Well Something Had Me In the Mood to Spill My Guts.... [12 Sep 2006|03:53am]
[ mood | discouraged i guess? i dunno. ]

i totally just wrote this whole thing and then hit the button and it didnt update the thing...which sucks because i acutally wrote something important, well...to me atleast that wasnt all filler nonsense in writing boring stuff just to write. 

i guess its a sign, i shouldnt be thinking/writing about things. 

not tonight atleast....maybe tomorrow.

im going to sleep.

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But if you only knew how much thats just not like me... [08 Sep 2006|02:35am]
[ mood | confused ]

somewhere in this building there are a lot of people sleeping. one of them is right next to me. she tells me, my roommate that she has heart problems....i only have a first aid kit with a few bandaids here...and i know cpr thats about it and it makes me nervous.

someone asked me if i had been smoking crack because i look "tiner" apparently. yeah i smoke rocks. no...i cant even lie i dont smoke anything, ever.

i have nothing else to say really...not right now atleast maybe tomorrow...i cant even lie i could speak volumes, but im tired. 

my nose is stuffy and my head hurts...
i think i got the nile yo, the west nile.

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And oh i can tell hes raising hell to give to me [01 Sep 2006|03:10am]
[ mood | blah ]

my head hurts when i think about this...so i dont.
but every now and then i cant help it....and then i jsut go to sleep or watch south park and drink diet coke.

i should literally be thinking of 3 dozen other things right now...
but im i dunno...im tired

and my fish died. im kind of bummed out about that.

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